Playing quality games nowadays is somewhat easy since there are lots of online games available for you to play without having to pay for it. One of the most played games online the FPS or known as "First Person Shooter" games which are mostly "free-to-play". That simply means is all you have to do is sign up and download the game client for you to start playing the game.

Talking of such free-to-play FPS games, one comes to my mind --- Hawken. This is the newest mech FPS games in town with pretty awesome gameplay and graphics. This game is really appealing especially if you are bored with the same old online FPS games out there. It is a free-to-play game, so generally you won't have to spend for it. However, every free-to-play games out there is not really free since developers have this way of earning something in return in order to maintain their games in existence.

In the case of Hawken, there is this in-game currency being implemented that enable the users to upgrade their mechs and buy items. Technically there are two types, the first one called Hawken Credit is earned via playing and winning matches, so basically it is free; the second one called Meteor Credit is not free, it can only be bought with real money. Now, the only way for you to stay competitive in this Hawken game is upgrading your mechs ang buying weapons. And the only way to do it in an easy way is to invest it buying Meteor Credits which if you ask me is not really that cheap. It is quite expensive if you are going to compare it with other FPS games.

Here is the breakdown of the pricing of Hawken "Meteor Credits" both in US and Europe Server.

US Meteor Credits Pricing
$5  =  720 MC
$10 = 1440 MC
$25  =  3600 MC
$30 = 4320 MC
$50  = 7200 MC
$100  = 14400 MC

UK/EU Pricing
£5 = 872 MC
£10 = 1600 MC
£30 = 4512 MC
£50 = 7423 MC
£100 = 14703 MC

Not pocket friendly right? I know, its quite frustrating to see such pricing. No matter how awesome the game is, you really can't deny the fact that one of the factor that will ruin it is the expensive in-game currency being implemented into it. I have seen the same scenario happen over and over again given this type of situation.

Well if you ask me, we can only only do two things regarding this issue.First one is to ask the developer and publisher of Hawken to at least reduce the pricing they have on Meteor Credits. This first option is pretty hard to to do. However the second one is pretty simple. You only have to download a Hawken Meteor Credits Hack.

Hawken Meteor Credits Hack is a generator that will lets you obtain infinite amounts of Hawken Meteor Credits for absolutely zero cost. This is a breakthrough hack tool develop simply because the developer himself is a player of Hawken too, and he thinks this game should be made affordable to the majority of the non paying players.

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